This cylinder actuator from nook industries is ideal to operate
in harsh conditions like mining, coal, ship loaders, marine,
weir gates etc.Contact MECCO about supply of heavy duty electric actuator cylinder


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Electric Cylinders are supplied in a Single Reduction, Double Reduction, or an In-Line Configurations.

Electric Cylinders are intended for use in industrial environments and feature ground and hard chrome plated actuator tubes with industrial enamel paint on exterior surfaces.

Heavy duty electric cylinders can be supplied for outdoor applications.

Additional Features

  • Built to specification.
  • For outdoor or good grade applications, contact Nook Engineering for recommended alterations.
  • Ground and hard chrome plated actuator tubes.
  • Use individually or in multiple electric cylinder arrangements.
  • Premium finishes are available including Epoxy, Outdoor, Marine, or per customer specification.



ELECTRIC CYLINDER – DD (500 to 40,000 lbs.)

An alloy steel worm drives a high strength bronze worm gear (drive sleeve).

The worm shaft is supported on anti-friction tapered roller bearings with external seals provided to prevent loss of lubrication (sealed radial ball bearings available),

Single reduction.

  • Drive sleeve is supported on anti-friction tapered roller or ball thrust
  • Ductile iron housing proportioned to support the rated capacity.
  • Part Number Reference

ELECTRIC CYLINDER – ILA (1,000 to 21,000 lbs.)

ELECTRIC CYLINDER – ILA (1,000 to 21,000 lb. capacities)
Designed to have a motor or gear reducer directly coupled to the lift shaft for faster, more precise operation and higher duty cycles. Inline.

  • Standard trunnion pin mounting.
  • Easily adapted for use with servo motors and planetary gear reducers.
  • Available with keyed actuator tubes.
  • Part Number Reference

ELECTRIC CYLINDER – RAD (3,500 to 40,000 lbs.)

Same as DD with a second stage gear reduction to provide higher thrust at lower speeds. Single and double reduction.

  • Reducer and motor can be mounted in eight possible positions for maximum flexibility.
  • Variety of worm gear ratios resulting in a wide range of speeds and thrust capacities.
  • Part Number Reference

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