GROB LinearChains SK series


LinearChains from the SK series embody the idea of making the chain rigid on the one hand, in order to be able to transmit compressive forces, and flexible on the other, in order to take up as little stowage space as possible. Loads can be moved both horizontally and vertically. The chain links, which are specially designed for these tasks, stiffen one another and thus reduce the risk of buckling. Naturally tensile loads are also possible in addition to pushing forces. The use of guide rails makes stroke paths till 20 meters possible.

The basic principle and main advantage of the linear chain is the minimisation of the space required to implement a stroke movement. In a linear chain system an absolute position can easily be driven to and there is no bouncing even under load.
The special chain geometry also ensures smooth, even movement without jerking. Linear chains can easily be synchronised with one another using connecting shafts.

The chain links have a special profile with interlocking fingers at one end enabling the chain to roll or fold-up in one direction only. When unfolded, the fingers latch together to form a rigid thrust device.





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