Screw Jacks – Nozag


Screw Jacks – Nozag

Standard Drives / System

Precise power/stroke motion sequences thanks to spindle & bevel gear drives

Simple movement of loads of up to 10 tons with the aid of worm gear screw jacks and bevel gear units – both worm gear screw jacks and bevel gear units combine mechanical precision, compact design, robustness and long service life – and are also easy to maintain. Clever combinations with clutches, shafts and electric motors result in clearly structured drive solutions. With Nozag’s flexible, innovative worm gear screw jack kit, you can solve many drive situations with standard components.



Screw Jacks Gold

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Screw Jacks “Gold” – For Extreme Environmental and Operational Conditions
The shiny casing, mounting flange and cover indicate the highest degree of corrosion resistance. In simple terms, the conventional aluminum components as well as the external parts have been replaced by components made of the aluminum bronze material CuAl10Fe5Ni5. All the spindles and shafts as well as the internal elements are manufactured from stainless steel or synthetic material (seals).

Significant Advantages

      • High corrosion stability combined with a high degree of wearing resistance and cavitation protection through CuAl10Fe5Ni5
      • Resistance against mechanical damages due to an oxide protection film (basically Al203) that immediately forms on the material surface
      • Excellent performance in applications with gases, fluids and solid materials

The CuAl10Fe5Ni5 material

      • features high scaling resistance (up to 800°)
      • has a lower degree of corrosion resistance to strongly acidic media with high oxidation potential (such as nitric acid) as well as alkaline materials, because these will dissolve the oxide coating and prevent its formation.
      • has a lower tendency to selective corrosion (dealumination)

Areas of Application

    Screw jacks of this design may be used for instance in industrial applications in the vicinity of saline water or sulfuric oxide, in slightly oxidizing and weak alkaline areas, in brackish water, in organic acids (acetate) and in reducing as well as slightly oxidizing mineral acids (diluted hydrochloric, hydrofluoric or phosphoric acid), in environments containing sulfuric acid at room temperature or at elevated temperatures.

Screw jacks / non-rotating

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    The worm wheel is provided with a female thread and converts the rotational movement into an axial movement of the spindle when the latter is prevented from rotating (through its design or by means of an anti-rotation protection in the protection tube).
Screw jack kit
Screw jack NSE2-SN/SL
Screw jack NSE5-SN/SL
Screw jack NSE10-SN/SL
Screw jack NSE25-SN/SL
Screw jack NSE50-SN/SL
Screw jack NSE100-SN/SL
Screw jack attachments
Adjusting plates to suit every mounting situation

Screw jacks / non-rotating (KGT)

Screw jack kit
Screw jack NSE5-SN/SL – KGT
Screw jack NSE10-SN/SL – KGT
Screw jack NSE25-SN/SL – KGT
Screw jack NSE50-SN/SL – KGT
Screw jack NSE100-SN/SL- KGT
Screw jack attachments
Adjusting plates to suit every mounting situation

Screw jacks / rotating

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    The spindle has a fixed connection to the worm wheel and rotates with it. The nut therefore screws itself up and down.
Screw jack kit
Screw jack NSE2-RN/RL
Screw jack NSE5-RN/RL
Screw jack NSE10-RN/RL
Screw jack NSE25-RN/RL
Screw jack NSE50-RN/RL
Screw jack NSE100-RN/RL
Screw jack attachments
Adjusting plates to suit every mounting situation

Screw jacks / rotating (KGT)

Screw jack kit
Screw jack NSE5-RN/RL – KGT
Screw jack NSE10-RN/RL – KGT
Screw jack NSE25-RN/RL – KGT
Screw jack NSE50-RN/RL – KGT
Screw jack NSE100-RN/RL – KGT
Screw jack attachments
Adjusting plates to suit every mounting situation

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