Servo Gearbox – Tandler


Servo Gearbox – Tandler

Servo gearbox

TANDER description: ServoFoxx® gearbox

Our servo gearboxes from the ServoFoxx® series are unique. These are combinations of planetary gearboxes and flange-mounted gearboxes that have been specially developed for dynamic servo motors. Any play has been systematically minimised using a sophisticated internal structure.

Planetary gearbox

Servo bevel gearbox

Planetary bevel gearboxes

Bevel planetary gearbox

Hypoid gearboxes

The different gear combinations make them suitable for almost every conceivable application scenario. Through a variable flange plate and a two-piece insertable coupling can be mounted in almost any motor (excepting the planetary gearbox P), which matches the power to the gearbox.

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