Speed Modulation Gearbox – Tandler


Speed Modulation Gearbox – Tandler

Speed modulation gearbox

The running speed of these TANDLER gearboxes can be superimposed by a third shaft in addition to the input and output. Individual branches of a line shaft rotate for example continuously up to ten percent faster or slower without limiting the precise and powerful transmission of the main drive. This method is frequently used wherever processes have to run exactly synchronously.

Speed modulation planetary bevel gearbox standard version


Planetary bevel gearbox, input and output at right angles

Single stage planetary speed modulation gearbox PE2


Single stage planetary speed modulation gearbox, coaxial

Double-planetary speed modulation gearbox PD2/PDS


Double-planetary speed modulation gearbox, coaxial

In-line bevel differential modulation gearbox KD


In-line bevel differential modulation gearbox, coaxial


  • High performance gearbox – quiet operation
  • High precision and concentricity
  • Minimal backlash
  • Spiral bevel gears from alloy carburited steel, hardened and lapped to give best surface contact
  • All gear sets may be processed with Palloid-, Cyclo-Palloid, HPG-S or with ground tooth flanks cutting (see spiral bevel gears)
  • All sun gears and planetary gears are dressed to size to quality 6

Using multi-start worm gears, the speed modulation ratio may be reduced to increase the speed of response.

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